Laser Brightening & Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

The Nd: YAG laser emits a wavelength of high energy light. This creates heat when focused on a specific area of the skin condition and the heat destroys the diseased cells. The Nd: YAG is a crystal that is used in solid-state lasers, as a medium. A neodymium ion is what provides laser activity within the crystal. This laser can work in Q-Switched mode which is a technique of making the laser produce high intensity beam in very short pulses. In this mode, the YAG creates two wavelenghths; one in infrared range at 1064 nm and the second at 532 nm.


In this treatment, laser light pulses target melanin on or in the skin at variable depths.

  • Remove brown spots (age/liver spots)
  • Remove freckles
  • Remove solar lentigines

  • Remove Mongolian spots
  • Remove spider and thread veins in the face and legs
  • Remove birth marks (with light pulses targeting red pigmentation)